Choosing the Right Approach for Your Child's Curriculum

Parents are encouraged to identify their home study methodology/philosophy in order to help guide the curriculum selection process. It can be a daunting task to select from all of the options available to home school parents and students. In order to guide your choices, please explore some different educational philosophies below. It is also important to consider how your child learns. Choosing a curriculum that best matches your child’s learning style is important as well. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about how your student learns best.

Homeschooling Approaches 

How Do I Learn Best Questionnaire

Vendor Information

Excel Academy partners with over 1,800 vendors who provide material and service options for enrolled students. Families have the ability to build a customized curriculum that's tailors to their individual needs, abilitys, and interested of study for their students to meet each child’s individual needs, abilities, and interests. Families work with their Education Specialist (ES) to ensure that the materials and coursework being ordered are in accordance with their course of study and California standards.

Materials Order Form

Service Order Form


  • To locate a vendor with specific products or services, use the "All Vendors" search option
  • Do you know the vendor name?  Use the "indicate vendor's starting letter" option to search with just one letter
  • Browse our amazing list of vendors easily. Searching by specific subject is easy using our "subject search" option
  • Looking for a more specific vendor option? Enter multiple words or phrases using "Vendor Notes Keyword Search"

All vendors have been directly requested by an Excel Academy family (direct vendor solicitations are not accepted). All approved vendors have completed the extensive vendor application process, which includes background checks for anyone coming into direct contact with students.

Ordering Guidelines 

Please Note: Disallowed Curriculum List - (Using Instructional Funds and Disallowed Items have been combined into the Ordering Guidelines doc (Disallowed Items are listed on Page 3 of that document)

Instructional Funds FAQ

Vendor Request FAQ

Vendor Pre-Screening Form 

Find a Vendor Near Your Home 

Espatial is an interactive map tool that allows you to search for vendors in a specific area.  You are able to widen or lessen your search area to find all the vendors that work in the area of your needs. For a tutorial on how to use Espatial, please click here. To view the Espatial map, click the button below. 

Find Vendor Near Your Home

To use this map follow the simple steps below:

  • Select from the drop down menu the county of your choice
  • Find circles highlighted in the county of your choice.
  • Circles with a numbers indicate more than one vendor is in that area. Click on a circled number to reveal all vendors.
  • Zooming in and out will allow you to see exactly where vendors are and their name, address, website, etc. You can scroll down to see the list of vendors. Click on the vendor name and all necessary information will pop up.