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Parent Summit 2020

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Parent Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Keep Calm, & Carry On - Series

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Curriculum Options

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Technology in Learning

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How to Help Struggling Students

How to Help Struggling Students PowerPoint

ELPAC Testing & ELD Curriculum for Parents of English Learners 

Positive Prevention Plus Presentation

12.4.19 PAC Meeting

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PAC Meeting Feedback Form

Parent Webinar #2

Teach Writing - Without the Tears!

Parent Webinar # 1

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Learning Period Reflection Sheets (TK-8 & 9-12)

LP Reflection Sheet (9th-12th Grade)

LP Reflection Sheet (TK-8th Grade)


Plagiarism Guide Webinar (1/27/17)

Overcoming Test Anxiety Webinar (2/17/17)

Dual Enrollment Webinar (3/15/17)

Transitioning Into High School (4/17/17) 

College Applications Webinar (3/21/17)

MLA Webinar (12/04/17) (Webinar PowerPoint .PDF)

Primary Source Documents in History Webinar

Study Skills Webinar (3/26/18)

High School Course Catalog: Parent Planning Webinar (5/11/2018)

PAC Meeting Presentations

Excel Academy PAC Meeting Presentation 12/17