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Getting Started

Watch a quick video or complete a parent training module to get started using ParentSquare today! The videos and training module below are designed to help users tour ParentSquare and set their preferences.

Parent Training Module - designed to take 15 minutes and covers the things you need to know as a parent to use ParentSquare!

Getting Started Parent Video

ParentSquare Tour - Parent Features


Activate Your Account 

Your school will send an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare. Users can click the link to activate their account. See below for examples of what these activation links will look like. Users can also register through our app or using Google single sign on. 

Email Activation Example

Text Activation Example:

Password Change/Reset

You can reset or change your password from both our web browser or the app. Read below to find out how.

Reset Password on Web Browser:

1. Sign out of your ParentSquare account, and go to to Click on 'Forgot Password' under the password field.

2. Enter in the email address or phone number associated with your ParentSquare account and click 'Go'.

3. Check your inbox for an email from ParentSquare and click 'Reset your password'. Follow the instructions to create a new password. 

Reset Password on App:

1. Sign out of your ParentSquare account. Enter in the email address or phone number associated with your ParentSquare account. Click on 'Forgot / Change Password' under the password field.

2. Enter in your new password.

3. Check your email inbox or texts for your reset password code. Type in the six digit code into the Reset Password Code box and click 'Continue'. 

 4. If you are already logged in to the ParentSquare app, you can reset your password by clicking My Account>Change Password. 

Parent Dashboard

When a parent logs into ParentSquare, they can view their children easily. Parents will see all children associated with their ParentSquare account even if their child is at another school site within a district or network.

POSTS: The 'Post' tab allows parents to view all the posts that pertain to each child. 

MESSAGES: The 'Messages' tab allows parents to view any messages from teachers or staff. 

Parents can also send a message to a teacher or staff member if you have a question. Click 'New Message' to start your message.  

Under recipients, you can also type out the name of the staff member you want to contact. Under 'Quick Select Recipients' you can also select your child's teacher. Type your message and click 'Send.'

Notification Settings

ParentSquare allows users to select their preferred delivery method for Post notifications. When a message is posted, users have the option to receive an email, text, app notification or a combination of methods. Users can also decide if they want an Instant email or a Digest email that is delivered at 6:00 pm with all posts from that day. Please note that these settings are for Post notifications only; alerts will be received via text, voice call, and/or email as determined by the school. 

To update your notifications:
1. On the home page select the down arrow next to your name. This will be in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 
2. Click on My Account.
3. Select "Change this" under Post Notification Setting.
4. Select your preferred Post Notification Settings and click Save.



How to update your preferences using the ParentSquare app:

1. From your home screen click the triple bar in the top left corner.

2. Click on "Preferences".

3. Click on "Notification Settings".

4. Select how you would like to be notified. 

accountupdated.jpg      notification_settings.jpg

How do I add a student to my account?

If you have multiple children and you are not able to view all your students and schools on your account it is likely that you have more than one ParentSquare account. 

Why do I have two ParentSquare accounts?

For most schools and districts, we sync contact information from their student information system (SIS).

If you have multiple children, and your email address or phone number are not the same in the school's SIS for your children, the sync will create separate accounts for each unique email address (or phone number) listed.

If you are a staff member and you are a parent, multiple accounts will be created for you if you have a staff email account on your staff record and a personal email address on your parent record.

This will happen regardless of whether the records are within the same school OR if you are a parent/staff member at multiple schools that use ParentSquare.

You can have one account that spans multiple schools/districts and that includes your association with all of your children. (If you are a staff member at a school, you can have one account that associates you as a staff member where you work and with your children.)

The recommended way to combine multiple accounts into one ParentSquare account:

  1. Contact your school to update your contact information in your school's SIS.  Verify that each of your children have the same email address and mobile phone number listed for you.
  2. Delete your ParentSquare user account(s) that does not have the correct email address. 
  3. Your account will be corrected when we sync with your school's SIS.  If the contact information has been made consistent across your children in your SIS and the ParentSquare account(s) with the incorrect contact information have been deleted, then when we sync with your school's SIS overnight, your associations with all of your children will be pulled into one ParentSquare account.

Request to Merge Accounts

Rather than deleting one account and waiting till we sync with your school's SIS, you can request that we merge your accounts. 

First, follow step one in the above instructions ... make your contact information consistent in the school's SIS between all records we will access (parent contact/staff). 

If the contact information across all of your contact records is not consistent, and we merge your accounts, we cannot guarantee that the email address or phone number on your ParentSquare account will not change to one listed in your SIS that you do not want used in your ParentSquare account.

If you'd like us to merge your accounts email  Provide the following information: your name, the school(s) at which you have accounts, the email address and phone number that you want used on your merged account.