Grade Level Standards

High School Course Outlines are sent by the TOR upon enrollment in a course. You can find a list of approved high school A-G and non A-G resources and Content and Community Providers

Curriculum Descriptions

Common Core Resources

Learn about how you can support your child’s learning with the Parent’s Guide to Student Success and other helpful information. Learn more about California PTA Common Core.


"After being part of a private homeschool group for years, I was always worried if I was teaching my children enough. I had heard about charter schools, but didn’t think it was the thing for our family. I must say, I was a bit hesitant about joining Excel Academy because I didn’t want anyone dictating what I had to teach and which curriculum I needed to use. Now, I wish I had joined sooner! I love that I still have the freedom to teach my children using the curriculum that I want to use, and having the Grade Level Standards helps me keep in check as to what they need to be learning.

The educational funds has provided my children with the opportunity to try out activities that they hadn’t done before. Our weekly music lessons with Valerie Marich, tennis lesson with Ojakian Tennis, science classes with Mary Anne Cheraz at Mad Science, art classes, swim lessons, and more has exposed them to the “fun” part of academics, and has enriched their lives.

I found it essential that in order for this type of program to work for our family, my children, as well as myself, we had to be able to feel comfortable and communicate openly with our ToR. She has made this year/this transition (to a charter school) quite easy and stress-free for us." - Jennifer, Pasadena, CA  - homeschool mom of 2