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The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to establish a communication process between parents and school administrators.  The PAC is designed to enhance the role of parents who share an interest in supporting the education of their children and work to make a valuable contribution towards improving the educational outcomes of all Excel Academy students.

Goals and Objectives of  Our Parent Advisory Council 

  1. Curriculum and  Instruction

  1. School Site Council - Learn how you can be a part of school improvement and budget ideas

  1. Assembly Bills - How bills will impact Excel Academy

  1. Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) - Learn about Excel Academy's goals & strategies to improve achievement

  1. Ensure support of the partnership between school community stakeholders including school administration and staff, Parent Association, and School Leadership Team. 

  2. To provide information and consultation with parents to bring questions, concerns, and ideas regarding Title I related issues to the attention of school staff, administration and other school community stakeholders.

Excel Academy believes that active parent, student, and employee participation in school operations will help foster the sustainability of our program. The PAC will play an important role in making Excel Academy even more responsive to staff, student, and parent needs, and provide for continual improvement, ensuring that Excel Academy staff practice open and positive communication with families. To that end, we welcome any inquiries into parent participation in the committee.  Please reach out to to inquire how to become involved.