How It Works

Excel Academy Charter School offers a tuition free independent study personalized learning model for students in grades TK-12. Our high-quality model of education is rooted in flexible learning, personalized pacing schedules and proven systems of support. In collaboration with the credentialed teacher of record, parents select from a variety of educational resources, services and materials.  Using these educational resources, families build a customized learning experience for their children, tailored to fit their child’s academic, emotional and social needs. Every student enrolled in Excel Academy benefits from the expertise, guidance and oversight of a Teacher of Record (ToR). Our award winning credentialed Teachers of Record work with their assigned students to identify and implement a personalized learning plan for each student. ToRs and students meet face to face and via a variety of platforms throughout the monthly learning periods to ensure students unique needs are met and exceeded.

Teacher of Record (TOR)

Every student enrolled in Excel Academy benefits from the expertise of an Teacher of Record. Our award-winning credentialed Teachers of Record (ToR) work with their assigned students/families to identify and implement a personalized learning plan for each student. The ToR meets with each student face to face once a month as well as virtually via email and zoom as needed throughout the learning period. The support provided by the ToR monthly meeting is designed to encourage, support, guide and educate Excel students and families on their educational journey. 

The ToR's primary role is to work together with the parents to execute an appropriate course of study, help the student meet or exceed grade level requirements, and ultimately, work towards graduation from high school. All Excel Academy ToRs are highly qualified, experienced, credentialed teachers who are committed to customized, hands-on learning for each student and family. 

Parent Testimony

“We love Excel!  The monthly meetings with our fantastic TOR have given me the confidence to continue in this model.  I leave each meeting feeling supported and renewed in our educational journey.  I highly recommend Excel!” - Penny L., Riverside, CA - mother of 2 


“After pulling my daughter out of 5th grade, I was terrified. Seriously thank goodness for Excel and my AMAZING Teacher of Record!! I don’t know what I would do without my TOR. Whenever I am questioning myself, or worry about what’s next, I am always reassured and given wonderful advice and grace. Excel in of itself has provided my daughter with fantastic opportunities through their approved content and community provider list. I am actually shocked to say that I am really enjoying educating my daughter, thanks to Excel.” - Amy E., Irvine CA  -mother of 2


“We have really enjoyed our years with Excel Academy. Our TOR has been Amazing! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and very kind. There is a wide variety of content and community provider to choose from. My daughter has loved learning to sew and play piano. We are looking forward to future years with Excel Academy.” - Sam B., Aliso Viejo, CA - mom of 1

Instructional Funds

Depending on grade level, between instructional funds will be budgeted for student use. Families can select approved educational materials and services.  Funds may only be used during the school year in which they were budgeted and do not carry over from year to year. Use of instructional funds is up to the discretion of the TOR; Please consult with your TOR to determine the eligible use of instructional funds. For more information, please refer to these helpful guides. Funds are prorated after the first day of the school year.

Instructional Funds FAQ

Family Expectations

The Excel Academy Model values parent choice while heavily relying on parent input for the educational direction of each child. Each child has unique interests, talents, and academic abilities. Excel Academy allows parents, with the support of a credentialed teacher (Teacher of Record), to build an educational program that best suits the whole student and his/her academic goals and personal passions. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their education, and since parents are responsible for managing their child’s daily educational experience, it is important that parents are prepared to assist their students in meeting the following guidelines: