How It Works

Excel Academy has a home study option available to students in TK-12th grade. Excel Academy is a unique educational program that allows parents to purchase an array of educational resources and materials from approved vendors for their child using Instructional Funds provided by the charter school. Using these educational resources, families have the freedom to build a customized learning experience for their children, benefiting from flexibility of choice and the partnership of a highly qualified California-credentialed teacher, otherwise known as an Education Specialist (ES).

Instructional Funds

$2700 – $3200 (2016/2017 School Year)


Depending on grade level, between $2700 – $3200 will be allotted to each student, with which families can request the purchase of approved educational materials and services through Excel Academy’s Vendor Department. Funds may only be used during the school year in which they were allotted, and do not carry over from year to year. Use of instructional funds is up to the discretion of the ES; Please consult with your ES to determine the eligible use of Instructional Funds. For more information, please refer to these helpful guides.

Education Specialists (ES)

Every student enrolled in Excel Academy benefits from the expertise of an Education Specialist.The Education Specialist (ES) is a credentialed teacher who works with their assigned students/families to identify and implement a personalized learning plan for the student. The ES will also meet once a month with each student/family to collect work samples.The friendly, supportive monthly meeting is designed to encourage and support Excel students and families on their homeschool journey. This meeting may last up to 45 minutes per student depending on the student’s needs.

The ES’s primary role is to work together with the parents to execute an appropriate course of study, help the student meet or exceed grade level requirements, and ultimately, work towards graduation from high school. All Excel Academy ESs are highly qualified, experienced, credentialed teachers who are committed to customized learning for each student and family. Our teachers think creatively about education, and they enjoy supporting the educational needs of each student and each family.

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