Mission Statement

Excel Academy will provide flexible, personalized learning through a customized course of study that will educate, motivate, and instill a love of learning in each individual student. Teachers and parents will join together to maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for all students creating the next generation of leaders.

School Goals

1. Sustainable Growth: Sustainable growth through strategic planning, marketing and optimizing resources in relationship to our budget.

2. Retention: Sustainably retaining students through high academic expectations, intervention,integrity, innovation and collaboration.

3. Quality Programs: Offer guidance and support for academics as well as  social and emotional supported when needed.  Provide opportunities to investigation and explorer higher education goals with information on college applications, CTE courses, and outreach programs within the local communities.

4. Parent & Student Service: Serving parents and students with integrity and respect to the highest possible standard developed through intuitive solutions understanding educational needs. Include timely response to calls and emails.

5. Collaborative Partnerships: Creating and facilitating partnerships within internal departments with community providers, other NCB schools, professional associations membership associations and authorizing districts  

6. Accountability and Compliance: Define direction that creates and shapes policies and procedures, clarifies deadlines, roles and responsibilities and accountability to maintain streamlined processes.Develop benchmark goals and identify implementation initiatives to improve CA state dashboard ratings in all areas.

7. Professional Development: Growing, enhancing and developing skills in our staff. Defining and demonstrating roles and responsibilities, identifying strengths and weaknesses, providing methods of support including training and access to materials to enhance performance.

Our Vision

Life is what you create….at Excel Academy we bring students to LIFE through:


LEARNING: The primary goal of Excel Academy is that each student continues to grow in knowledge,  ability and social/emotional intelligence. Students are encouraged to work any time, any place, and are supported by teachers, curriculum and staff that will adapt to the uniqueness inherent in every student and learning situation. Excel Academy pursues a learning environment where every student will be challenged by, enjoy, and help direct their own education.

INDEPENDENCE: Excel Academy believes one of the key elements of an optimal education is to place the student in a climate where curiosity and exploration are rewarded. While Excel Academy’s curriculum aligns itself to California’s academic content standards, each family may avail themselves of alternative or supplemental learning resources that can help prepare each student for the real-life complexities of higher education and the ever-changing job market.

FLEXIBILITY: Flexible pacing enables each student, under the guidance of the teacher of record, to target individual needs without the demands of a classroom. By developing an awareness of their own unique learning style and advancement in their communication abilities, students and families will be enabled to discover their greatest areas of need and direct their efforts accordingly.

EMPOWERMENT: Excel Academy strives to empower students to take ownership of their education and develop not only the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, but also the confidence, creativity, and discipline to help them adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Quality & Standard

Excel Academy integrates high-quality education into our flexible learning plans. Our education is rooted in hands-on learning, personalized schedules, and proven systems of support to ensure your child’s unique needs are met and exceeded. 

Our Core Values


Sustainable Quality - Our chartered programs have the flexibility to create customizable learning for any student, no matter their past experience in traditional education, with a strong foundation of award winning educator experience.

Individualized Learning - Students of all backgrounds find themselves learning like never before as they are supported and guided by our education expertise to find the best program for their needs and goals.

Integrity - Founded by educators, our programs are held to the highest standards of financial and curriculum excellence so that students thrive.

Innovation for Every Student - The uniqueness of every student is matched by our diverse array of programs that are always innovating and pushing forward for the betterment of student learning.

Collaborative Partners - We strengthen relationships between families, programs, authorizers, and the community to create a learning environment that supports everyone.