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Required Courses for TK-8:

Other enrichment courses and activities can be found using our content and community provider search tool. Parents are encouraged to build a customized curriculum that best reflects the academic and social needs for their student. Children can benefit from learning at home or taking advantage of courses offered by our approved content and community providers to ensure your child receives the highest-quality education. Find additional guidance from your our award-winning, credentialed Teacher of Record to create a plan that prepares your student for life-long success.

TK – 8th Grade Funding

Funding: $2,700 (2019-2020 School Year) Excel Academy offers Elementary and Middle School services and materials for students in TK through 8th grade.

Our full time guidance counselor is also available as needed for social, emotional, and behavioral intervention in addition to assisting in the transition from middle school to high school.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK):

Students must turn 5 between September 2-December 2. Kindergarten age-eligible students are allowed to choose TK if their 5th birthday is between June 1st-September 1st; however, they must sign the Kindergarten Continuance Form verifying that the parent/guardian agrees to have his/her child continue in kindergarten for one additional year. Students may not be promoted directly from TK to 1st grade.

For students with their 5th birthday after December 1, they must enter TK on or after their 5th birthday. They must sign the Kinder Continuance Form.  If a student turns 5 after September 1st, entering kindergarten is not an option, they must enroll in TK. To enroll in Kindergarten, students must turn 5 on or before September 1st.