High School

Funding: $3,200 (2016-2017 School Year)


At Excel Academy, high school students can choose a customized learning track to simultaneously complete high school graduation requirements as well as pursue other interests or extracurricular activities. High school students and their parents should work with the ES to balance curricular needs.

In addition to the supportive ES creating a customized learning plan with the parent and the student, a credentialed School Counselor will meet with each family upon enrollment and at least 1-2 times annually thereafter. Students will be encouraged to pursue a course of study that is congruous with the student’s post high school goals. For graduation requirements and more counseling resources, please click here.

High School Customized Tracks

4-Year College Track Recommendations
4-Year Map to College

A-G Courses

Excel Academy provides A-G course options through Edgenuity and BYU. For a list of online courses offered by Edgenuity, please click here. Please note not all courses offered by Edgenuity are required to be A-G.
For a list of online A-G courses offered by BYU, please click here.

For a list of A-G and non A-G vendors, please click here

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