Curriculum Resources/State Standards

Common Core State Standards

For more information on California state standards, please see the following resources:

National PTA: Guide to Student Success
National PTA: California State Standards

CDE Information on Common Core
California Common Core State Standards (English, LA, History, Social Sciences)
California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Approaches to Curriculum

Excel Academy offers a unique approach to curriculum. True to a home school method of study, parents choose the curriculum for their students. Parents are free to mix and match, choosing the curriculum that matches the needs, expectations, and rigor for their student in each subject area. An Education Specialist will help guide the choices, ensuring that California State Standards are being met and that students are pursuing a relevant course of study for the grade level. Instructional Funds may be used for approved vendor materials and courses.

Parents are encouraged to identify their home study methodology/philosophy in order to help guide the curriculum selection process. It can be a daunting task to select from all of the options available to home school parents and students. In order to guide your choices, please explore some different educational philosophies below.

It is also important to consider how your child learns. Choosing a curriculum that best matches your child’s learning style is important as well. Check out some of the resources below to learn more about how your student learns best.

Avoiding Plagiarism

For students and families who with to learn more about avoiding plagiarism and abiding by Excel’s Academic Integrity Policy, click the link or feel free to download and review the PowerPoint below:

Loot, Plunder, Pillage, and Play- A Pirate’s Guide to Plagiarism

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