Excel Academy continues to closely monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 while working with expert partner agencies to ensure we are providing our community with accurate and timely information. This section includes the most recent Excel Academy related information, links to expert health agencies, and resources. Excel Academy will continue to update our community as we have new information. Excel Academy staff checks for new COVID-19 information daily and will update this page when new and confirmed information is provided from expert agencies. 


In an effort to abide by all local, state and federal regulations, Excel Academy will be honoring purchase orders (POs) for virtual Community Provider (CP) instruction.  We are committed to making sure we are compliant and diligent to keep students and families safe. We remain hopeful and flexible that as things change and restrictions lessen we can begin to honor in person instruction with our Community Providers (CPs) abiding by all safety measures set forth by the California Department of Health. Below is a map that distinguishes which counties remain on the watchlist and in what stage of reopening. The map will be frequently updated to communicate various phases of reopening regarding virtual and in person instruction




Q: What is the newest COVID-19 guidance from our government?

A: Stay- At-Home Order (Issued March, 19 2020) this was the original, “flatten the curve” stay at home order issued by our government during this time assessments were based on case positive numbers. August, 28 2020 the state developed the Blueprint for a Safer Economy; this system set up weekly assessments by county based on several data metrics and key indicators including case numbers. December 6, 2020 as case numbers began to increase and all Southern California counties fell back to the tier 1 “widespread” tier the government decided to issue a Limited Stay At Home Order. This order implemented modifications similar to the original Stay at Home Order. Lastly, on December 21, 2020 state jurisdiction extended the Limited Stay at Home order in a new “Regional Stay at Home Order” which we are currently experiencing. This order uses a key assessment metric of ICU capacity. Counties that have 15% or under of ICU capacity will remain under the stay at home order and remain in tier 1 until ICU capacity is above 15% and all other key metrics are achieved to advance.

Q: What does the new Regional Stay at Home Order mean for Excel Academy Charter School?

A: Excel Academy Charter School counties are all currently remaining in tier 1 “widespread” category. All counties have 15% or under ICU capacity and will remain under the Regional stay at Home Order until otherwise advised. During this period we will remain under 100% virtual instruction.

Q: Where can I track the status of my county?

A: You can view a map and information by county here:

Q: Should our Community Providers go back to virtual if already approved for in person?

A: No new Community Providers will be approved for in-person at this time. Previously approved Community Providers may continue servicing in a capacity that follows local
regulation and modification that pertains to their specific business.

Q: Will LP meetings for 2020/2021 be in person?

A: In accordance with local, state, and federal regulations, Excel Academy Charter School (EACS) will remain under 100% virtual instruction until obtaining more clearance and defined approval from regulating agencies.

Q: Where can I find Excel Academy Charter School’s Safe Reopening Plan?

A: This document will be emailed to you by Human Resources or use the following link. Excel Academy Safe Reopening Plan + Rules & Regulations 

Q: How do I get curriculum and materials from my ToR?

A: If agreed upon by both the ToR and the parent/guardian, the ToR can drop the curriculum and materials off to student homes. The ToR must arrange the day and time with the family in advance and notify them that they will be leaving the items without in person interaction. The ToR must complete an approved EACS COVID-19 Assessment Form prior to making any curriculum and material deliveries. The ToR must wear a mask outside of their vehicle, notify the family once items have been dropped off, and tell the family that curriculum and materials must be disinfected before bringing them into the home. The transfer of items must follow CDC social distancing guidelines.

  • At the family's request, they can arrange in advance a day and time they will come pick up items from the ToR’s home. Parents must complete an approved EACS COVID-19 Assessment Form prior to making any pick up.The items must be left in an easily accessible location outside the home and the ToR is urged to disinfect the items once they’ve been placed in the pick up location. Parents must wear a mask when exiting their vehicle to pick up items and are urged to disinfect the materials before coming into contact with them. This transfer must not include in person interaction between the family and the ToR that does not follow CDC social distancing guidelines.
  • If parent/guardian and ToR choose to have items shipped directly to the family home, the ToR will follow instructions on how to notify the Student Services Department of the request. 

Q: Can students partake in in-person Community Provider services?

A: In accordance with local, state, and federal regulations, Excel Academy Charter School will remain under 100% virtual instruction until obtaining more clearance and defined approval from regulating agencies.

We expect all of our Community Providers to follow and abide by all local, state, and federal regulations in compliance with pandemic response. All Community Providers will be required to review and complete a waiver agreeing to comply with all rules and regulations set forth. EACS will relinquish any agreements with Community Providers that fail to comply. 

EACS will only approve virtual instructions until the school obtains clearance and defined approval from regulating agencies. If a Community Provider feels their local county guidelines do in fact specify direct approval for the in person services that they offer to EACS students, they may submit a request for an exception for ALL NON VIRTUAL services and must be submitted via COVID-19 Community Provider Inquiry Form. Please allow EACS administrators 72 business hours to review and approve or deny requests. EACS reserves the right to deny any inquiries made to protect the health and safety of students and staff. 

If Community Provider services are deemed appropriate by regulating local, state, and federal agencies and are following all applicable compliance; COVID-19 Community Provider Inquiry Form is submitted and approved, families can continue to be serviced at their own risk. All family members and Community Providers must complete the EACS Liability Waiver. If at any time any party is not in compliance with rules and regulations, agreements will be terminated.