Tanaka Farms Strawberry Tour

May 1, 2020 | 10:30am

Tanaka Farms
IRVINE, CA 92612

It's that time of the year! Tanaka Farms is famous for their delicious, sweet and juicy strawberries! The Strawberry Picking Tour allows guests to pick (and eat!) their own strawberries in the fields right where they grow!

How does it work?

Take a one hour long wagon ride around the farm. Learn about the farming methods and history of our farm from your friendly tour guide. You will see how fruits and vegetables grow! Throughout the tour, you will sample several seasonal fruits and vegetables. The last stop on this tour is in the strawberry patch where you can pick and eat strawberries!  Everyone will take home a one pound basket of strawberries. 

We will have 2 groups scheduled for this trip. 1 group will tour at 10:30am and the other group will tour at 11:00am. You will be assigned a group. Check in is 20 minutes prior to leaving so that we can get an accurate headcount. Late arrivals will not be accommodated. 

Out of pocket cost will be $15.76 for students, siblings 3+, and parents alike. 

Registration opens: March 6th at 8pm

Registration closes: March 27th at 8pm