Backyard Bees Bee Presentation

Feb. 27, 2019 | 10:30am

Backyard Bees
20372 S Randall St, Orange, CA 92869

This school-sponsored field trip will take place in the backyard of a mini organic farm owned by a beekeeper and urban farmer. You will visit the honey house to learn about the importance of bees to our environment and how to keep the bees happy. You will also get to taste fresh honey and learn how people process the beeswax and try the lotions made from it.  On the second part of the tour, you will observe plants growing in the garden while learning about the plants' cycle of life from seed to fruit.  The kids can take some of the seeds from the gardens home to plant. They can also say "hello" to 11 hens, a rooster, a horse, and maybe even the neighbor's pig while on the tour. 

Since this is a private residence, the address will be given to registered participants only. The address shown here is a nearby landmark, not the actual gathering place.

Please DO NOT register for this field trip if anyone in your party has known allergies to bee stings and honey or beewax products. 

The deadline to register is Feb. 25th, 2018 (Monday) but this event will likely sell out very quickly.