group of students raising their hand in class Feb. 15, 2018

The 5 Core Values of Excel and What They Mean for Your Student

At Excel Academy, we’re able to offer our students a flexible, individualized learning experience that meets all their needs—educational and personal. Our educators keep students at the center of everything we do, and have established a set of core values that outline our ongoing standards, ethics, and ideals.

Sustainable Quality – Our chartered programs have the flexibility to create customizable learning for any student, no matter their past experience in traditional education, with a strong foundation of award-winning educator experience.

Individualized Learning – Students of all backgrounds find themselves learning like never before as they are supported and guided by our education expertise to find the best program for their needs and goals.

Integrity – Founded by educators, our programs are held to the highest standards of financial and curriculum excellence so that students thrive.

Innovation for Every Student – The uniqueness of every student is matched by our diverse array of programs that are always innovating and pushing forward for the betterment of student learning.

Collaborative Partners – We strengthen relationships between families, programs, authorizers, and the community to create a learning environment that supports everyone.

Here’s a look at how each of those values plays out in our program and in the lives of our educators, students, and families.

Sustainable Quality

Excel Academy is a WASC-accredited school, so parents can be assured of the quality of our program, curriculum, and expectations set by our credentialed educators. It’s ingrained in our culture to offer students a high quality education that’s bracketed by high standards that competitive with those set out by the state of California. Excel students get to partake in a flexible, personalized model of education while contending with their peers who are offered different types of education, whether it’s a traditional, charter, public, or private model.

We’re a member of A+ Learning, which is a personalized learning charter organization, and CCSA (California Charter Schools Association). Our team also attends professional development conferences to collaborate with other administrations and teachers in the charter world to stay up to date on any changes related to charter education.

Individualized Learning

Every student has a different style and approach to learning, and with the individualized learning path Excel provides, parents are able to set their child up for success, based on what works best for them. With many content and community providers, families have the option of choosing courses a la carte, choosing different publishers and content providers to meet their needs, and tailoring their child’s education to their pacing, interests, and styles of learning.

An individualized learning pathway also gives parents the ability to create a curriculum that works best for their schedule. Student athletes and those involved in the entertainment industry can also take advantage of our flexible scheduling to pursue their passions and remain competitive while still receiving a quality education (with less of a time commitment).


At Excel Academy, we believe that integrity is critical to any organization, but we make it a core value because we know we are preparing students for their future. We strive to keep our values and standards high, remain honest and compliant throughout our reporting processes, and ensure that every student is successfully progressing through grade level standards.

Integrity starts at the educator level and then trickles down to our students and parents. Every time a teacher signs a report card, evaluates a student, and provides feedback, it’s always in the best interest of the child. Students, in turn, are held accountable for their attendance and course work, and social media habits, while parents must spend and use instructional funds with integrity. Our culture of integrity means we set the bar high, and don’t do something unless it’s done right.

Innovation for Every Student

Innovation at Excel allows us to be creative and flexible with the individualized learning path we offer our students so that it meets all their needs. Our program is always open to new content and community provider applications, curriculum options, and the pathways our students desire to take. For instance, we are the only charter to offer a customized college track for high school students. It’s an opportunity for parents to work with our credentialed teachers to create and submit and create their own course (for elective or core units) that reflects their student’s passions.

Whether it’s introducing flexible curriculum and scheduling, or using Skype and field trips to create out-of-the-box, hands-on learning experiences, we’re constantly finding ways to introduce innovation into our program. We strive to be creative and innovative with how our students earn high school credits, their pacing, and the content of the courses, while still maintaining a high quality education.

Collaborative Partners

We created our whole model and the culture of Excel with the value of relationships in mind. It’s about constant collaboration between our families, teachers, students, content and community providers, Board, and authorizers.

Our teachers never evaluate parents; rather, they come alongside them and support them through their homeschool journey. The experience is parent and student focused, and parent and student driven—all the way down to the curriculum they choose. The credentialed teacher is there to take a look at the big picture and help families understand what’s going to benefit them the most, how to celebrate their student’s strengths, and how to improve in areas where they struggle.

We keep our Board, authorizers and parents in the loop through bi-monthly newsletters; these highlight what’s going on in the program, upcoming events, and recent teacher training that’s taking place. Parents also have the chance to give us feedback through surveys and monthly PAC (Parent Advisory Council) meetings.

To learn more about the flexible learning and individualized education pathways Excel Academy has to offer, visit us online.