2017 graduate brianna Sept. 21, 2017

Starting College a Step Ahead

How Excel Academy’s Flexible Program Allowed 2017 Graduate, Brianna, to Start College Two Years Ahead 

One of the top reasons students and parents choose homeschooling for their students is flexibility. At Excel Academy, students enjoy a personalized online curriculum and the opportunity to experience higher-level education while still pursuing their high school diploma.

Recent graduate, Brianna, took advantage of Excel Academy’s program and enrolled in several community college courses, which helped her get ahead in her education. In fact, she’ll already have two years of college credit under her belt when she begins school at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. in the fall. Here’s how Excel Academy helped her accomplish this impressive feat.

Taking Advantage of Excel Academy’s Flexibility

“I liked the fact that there was some structure to it—you had to meet with an Education Specialist to make sure we were all on schedule,” Brianna said. “But then we also had a lot of flexibility with the program.” 

That flexibility meant that on top of her high school courses through Excel Academy, she could take classes through a community college, giving her the chance to build college credit while she was still in high school. Brianna took an average of three classes per semester, and balanced what she called a “manageable workload” with daily swim team practices and volunteer work with the National Charity League. 

In looking for a homeschool program to further her high school education, Brianna wanted something with flexible requirements and a wide availability for online classes. With Excel Academy, she didn’t have to worry about driving to campus for specific classes and could supplement her high school courses with ones at a community college.

“When Excel opened up the spring of 8th grade, we heard they had great flexibility with the classes you could take and requirements,” Brianna says. “That was important to me, and the reason I chose Excel Academy over other schools that would have limited the number of college classes I could take outside their program.”

Utilizing the Tools to Get Ahead 

Because of Excel Academy’s program format, Brianna now has basically two years of college complete and she’s just starting. Besides flexible course requirements, Excel Academy gave her the tools to prepare for life after high school. She had three different Education Specialists while enrolled at the school, and she says each one was supportive and well organized. The monthly meetings with each ES helped keep her on track with her classes and graduation requirements, but also kept her focused on her long-term goals.

The organization and planning skills Brianna learned through Excel Academy’s homeschool program have even helped her land jobs. She’s currently assisting other homeschool teachers organize and prepare their own schedules and classes. This gives her an additional advantage of entering college with administrative work experience—putting her ahead of many of her peers. 

Plans for the Future 

When Brianna starts school at WWU later this month, she’ll be studying economics and mathematics. And because her grades and test scores were excellent, Brianna received the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program academic scholarship and qualified for the university’s Honors Program.

Brianna will go from graduating high school in 2017 to graduating from college in 2019. She plans on starting a Master’s degree program in the fall of 2019 and hopes to begin teaching at a community college or put her economics degree to work by helping local governments analyze their economies.  

To learn more about the flexible learning program that gave Brianna her jumpstart in college, visit Excel Academy online.