male holding book in front of a yellow building May 28, 2019

Make History Come Alive for Your Students!

It is important to make every subject come alive for our students. However, history can be one of the toughest to peak our students’ interest. It can seem dry and unrelatable. Students even may find history, well… old.  

As teachers and parents, we know that nothing could be further from the truth! History is the story of us; how we got to where we are. Even more importantly, it is a reflection of us and something we should always try to learn from.

So how can we make history come alive for our students?

Field Trips!

Nothing can help us to feel closer to history than to go to the places where history has happened. As Southern Californians, are so lucky to be surrounded by history. Here are just a few examples that might excite your students:

  • San Juan Capistrano Mission

The San Juan Capistrano Mission is a beautiful and historic landmark that will immerse your students in what life would have been like in California during the Spanish Rule. You can also explore the historic surrounding areas of the city of San Juan Capistrano.

  • Los Angeles City Hall

Come explore the halls of Los Angles City Hall. You can tie in the history of Los Angeles with the function of city government in one of the largest cities in the United States! You can even find some interactive guides and activities for kids at the link below.

  • El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument (Olvera Street, Pico House, Avila Adobe and more)

Students will love learning about the founding of Los Angeles, all while experiencing first hand the colorful sights, and delicious tastes and smells of Olvera Street and the surrounding areas. Learn about some of the first residents of Los Angles, and experience the vibrant culture that swirls around it at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.

  • The Getty Villa

Looking for something a little more international? Check out the Getty Villa! The Getty Villa will transport your students to the Ancient World of Greece and Rome. Beautiful art, architecture and sculptures will surround them as the ancient world comes alive before them!

  • Presidential Libraries

Presidential Libraries such as The Nixon Library in Yorba Linda and the Raegan Library in Simi Valley are a great way to immerse your students in American History. They are both worth visiting to help your students learn more about men who lead our country.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, but just a jumping off point! We’d love to hear about your favorite historic field trips!