student writing at her desk April 21, 2017

How Students are Learning Math at Excel Academy

Math doesn’t have to be a migraine for you and your child. Excel Academy offers a flexible and unique homeschooling program that allows TK-12 students and their parents to choose a math program that fits the student’s learning style. Learning math at Excel Academy starts with choosing a curriculum with one of our many math content providers. From there, we provide the support you need to help your child master foundational math skills. 

Which Curriculum Speaks to You? Popular Picks

Whether your student prefers to learn math by reading, listening, watching, or participating, Excel Academy has an approved content providers that will play into their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Our most popular math content providers include:

  • Saxon Math – 120 lessons, laid out all the way through high school
  • Singapore Math – Less busy work, more critical thinking
  • Math-U-See – Visual, interactive math problems that kids love
  • Teaching Textbooks – Award-winning homeschool math program
  • Prentice Hall – Tried and true textbook-based learning
  • Mad Dog Math – A supplement to any math curriculum teaching the math facts resulting in making math easy and fun

Each student learns differently, which is why Excel is committed to offering curriculums that cover the full gamut, from students who struggle with math to those who are able to accelerate their learning. Students who are not quite confident in their math skills benefit from our small class environment, while those who have the ability to get ahead can do so by taking algebra as early as junior high school.

Math Tutoring and Support

You’re not alone in teaching your child math. In addition to the guidance you receive from your selected content providers and our staff of credentialed teachers, you will have access to Rainbow Resource, a massive database of homeschool curriculums, exercises, and educational products. Excel also has a supplementary subscription to IXL, the world’s most popular subscription-based learning site. 

For students who require more involved tutoring, we have strong relationships with local Sylvan Learning and Kumon centers, as well as with personal tutors who come to you.

Join the Homeschool Movement

At Excel Academy, our mission is to help each and every one of our students succeed, not just in math and school subjects, but also in their personal lives. Customized, home-based learning creates new opportunities for students to pursue their passions. See a day in the life of one of our elementary school students, and learn more about attending Excel Academy.