bother and sister looking at clipboard Jan. 23, 2019

Getting Children Excited for Lessons

For a parent, getting their child interested in an important topic is consistently one of the biggest challenges faced. Kids are naturally attracted to particular subjects while being more averse to others, and subject matter that attracts us more gets our attention. However, there are things that your children must learn, whether they are interested in them or not, and parents need the proper tools to get their kids excited about a lesson. In order for a child to become interested, parents must introduce the topic in a manner that allows the child to activate their prior knowledge, help the child become aware of the topic being learned, and find ways to grab the child’s attention.  

    Activating a child’s prior knowledge is an important step all parents must take while introducing a new lesson, because the ability to relate to a particular subject is integral to the chid’s chances of adequately preparing for and engaging in a lesson. Parents can start off with a KWL chart, which asks the child what they know about the topic, what they want to know about the topic, and requires them to fill in what they learned when the lesson is over. Secondly, two minute talks, in which a child must talk about the topic with another child or parent for a duration of two minutes, have proven very effective. During these talks they can share the knowledge they have about the topic or what they want to learn about it. Lastly, reading a picture book to the child that relates to the standard allows the child to find common ground with the characters while relating to the plot in a more profound way, which in turn activates their understanding and interest in the topic.

    In each new lesson the child also needs to become aware of what it is they are going to be learning about. One way to achieve this simply is by displaying an interesting photo of what is to come. This will allow the parent to indirectly prepare the child for the upcoming lesson in a way that visually appeals to them. Another fun way to stoke a child’s awareness is to create a series of silly questions related to the topic that the child can answer with a friend or parent.  Lastly, a slow reveal can be used, in which parents draw a picture that directly relates to the topic and the child must guess what the parent is drawing.