Full STEAM Ahead March 19, 2017

Full STEAM Ahead

What is STEAM?

You may have heard the acronym STEAM. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. STEAM represents a project-based form of learning that incorporates all of these disciplines and helps students solve real world problems and make connections between various subjects. STEAM learning is engaging because it is student-centered and inquiry based. Students work together in teams to solve problems that require creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. STEAM also involves students in the engineering process. STEAM is valuable in preparing students for a growing number of jobs in these industries and helping them to become adaptable and adept problem solvers in today’s changing world. Best of all, STEAM activities may be the highlight of your child’s day!

How can I incorporate STEAM into my homeschool day?

At Excel Academy, there are many ways you can integrate STEAM into your child’s learning. If you are looking for a class, several of our vendors offer fun and engaging Robotics classes. Lisa Siebelink teaches a fantastic robotics class in Corona for students in first grade and up. She also has a Lego Mindstorm class for older students. Students work in teams of three to build and program a robot over the course of 8 weeks and present their project to the class. In the Orange County area, The Arbor Learning Center also offers a fun and challenging Lego Mindstorm Robotics class for 4-6 graders. If you’re near the San Diego area, you may want to look into Robolink where a variety of classes are also available.

If you prefer to do your learning at home, you can order a project directly from Robolink or even find several great STEAM project resources at Rainbow Resource. Teacher Created Resources has published many editions of Year Round Project-Based Activities for STEM based on your student’s grade level. For older students, consider Stepping Into STEM books or the ZOOB Deluxe S.T.E.M. Challenge. It  provides all the materials your student needs to create a zip line, catapult and trampoline. Lakeshore Learning also has a wide variety of Design and Play STEAM kits appropriate for TK-3rd grade students.

However you decide to incorporate STEAM, it is sure to be an enjoyable, enriching part of your child’s education!

By Erica Flores