two girls looking with microscope Nov. 15, 2017

Education Highlights: See How Students Are Learning Science at Excel

Science is such an essential part of the learning process. While some students might question how cell cycles or chemical equations will factor into their adult lives, educators know that science actually shapes the way we think, analyze, and process information. Even if students don’t choose a career in which they will use specific scientific content, they are building critical thinking skills that will empower them to make informed decisions later in life. 

At Excel Academy, we understand the long-lasting importance of a science education; that is why we provide a wide and dynamic range of options to help our students learn in a way that works best for them.

Hands-On Curriculum

Our educational model offers students many ways to learn science. In grades TK to 8, parents have the option of choosing curriculum that is approved by the program. This means students can use curriculum that best suits their learning style. They have the opportunity to combine textbook learning with digital science curriculum and hands-on experiments. If a student works best in a class setting, Excel offers amazing science content and community providers that allow students to engage in a classroom setting, work cooperatively, and complete fun, exciting experiments with their peers.

Additionally, Excel students have access to quality science kits that focus on inquiry based learning, giving children the chance to be hands-on, and to perform different types of experiments, while learning about the significance of each phenomenon and the contributions of the scientists behind the experiments. 

Pursuing Their Passions 

Even as students get older, they are able to tailor their courses to mirror their passions and interests. Once they have a basic science foundation—an understanding of biology, for example— students and parents can work with our Education Specialist (ES) to find a textbook and create a syllabus and course outline for an elective science course on a subject, which they want to explore deeply. For example, one Excel Academy student is very interested in large veterinary animal science and wants to create and pursue equine-related courses. She is currently working with her ES to develop a course that lets her learn more about what she loves. Meanwhile, many other students love gardening and horticulture, and will spend an entire year learning the science behind composting, mulch, plant anatomy, measuring growth, and testing soils.

Excel students are also able to take classes at local community colleges so they can take their education to the next level. This allows them to veer off and dive deeper into the science subjects they’re most passionate about, while also earning college credits and experiencing what a college level course will be like. This flexibility allows students to meet their high school graduation requirements while pursuing a more focused interest.

With the independent study program at Excel Academy, you can see passions begin to develop, and allowing students to spend time and delve deeply into the subjects they care about can be greatly rewarding. We give them the roadmap to pursue something they are passionate about and ignite that love of learning while taking a scientific approach to it all.

While Using the World as Their Classroom

Our students have the chance to use the world as their classroom. They can take their learning and apply it to real world situations.  For example, they can put the scientific method into play while traveling to a science museum, or check out complex experiments online from anywhere in the world. It is an opportunity that is truly unique to our independent study students.

Excel Academy has numerous quality science content providers to choose from, giving students many options for classes.  If by chance a content provider is not on our approved content and community provider list, parents can work with Excel to bring that content provider on.  Parents have many options and areas they can pull from to fulfill whatever path their student wants to pursue. For instance, if they find an interesting class at the California Science Center, we can approve that instructor as a content provider, and they can take a course taught by a world-renown or cutting-edge scientist.

Excel Academy students are passionate, intelligent individuals who want to engage and delve deeply into subject matter.  With the support of their ToRs and a team of educators each student can customize their learning, use the world as a classroom, and pursue their passions.  Students have the valuable gifts of time, support, and flexibility, and they can truly engage in this essential part of the learning process!

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