the box family posing for a picture March 12, 2018

A Day in the Life: The Box Family

Excel mom, Angela Box, has been homeschooling for sixteen years. She has four children and is currently homeschooling her two youngest, Chloe (5th grade) and Christian (4th grade). Angela chose to homeschool so she could customize her children's education based on each of their unique needs. She is able to choose different curriculum and classes that fit her children's learning styles and levels. Angela would consider herself an “eclectic homeschooler” because she prefers to choose a wide variety of curriculum selections that fit each of her children in each subject. How does she choose? She likes to talk with other homeschooling friends and consult websites like “Cathy Duffy's Curriculum Reviews” to see what might be a good fit for her children.

So what does a day in the life of the Box family look like? Chloe and Christian spend most mornings at home where their school day usually starts with English and History all together. Following their group time, the kids break off and do independent work in math, science, and writing. During lunch time, Angela reads a book aloud that corresponds to what they are currently studying, often historical fiction. They spend the early afternoon finishing up their work and are able to participate in chosen activities once they are finished. While Christian usually chooses to go outside and play soccer or ride his bike, Chloe often elects to work on her personal novel writing.

Two days a week, the Box family attends Homeschool Campus in Rancho Santa Margarita. Angela teaches math classes while Chloe and Christian take part in a variety of courses including Human Anatomy, Ancient Art History, Cooking, and Ceramics. The kids truly enjoy participating in these classes where they can learn in a different format and engage with friends. The Box children also love to attend the fun field trips that Excel Academy offers and they also schedule park days with friends a couple times a month.

According to Angela, homeschooling her children has benefited her family in numerous ways. “The time I invest in my kids' education has allowed me to get to know them really well, to study them, to learn what makes them tick, to teach them to love learning (still a work in progress), and we get to do life together while enjoying each others company.” Chloe and Christian have both grown and flourished in many aspects of their lives as a result of independent study schooling with Excel Academy.

Angela has homeschooled independently prior to enrolling with Excel Academy, but since joining the Excel family, she hasn't looked back. “We joined Excel in need of an educational evaluation for my daughter. Excel has not only evaluated but offered services to help her in her areas of need. These services have allowed her to improve and to learn in ways she was unable to before. Excel makes our record keeping easy. One meeting a month [with our Education Specialist] with an overview of what we've done for the month helps keep me accountable for getting things done in a timely manner. And, of course, we love the funds Excel offers. My kids would not be able to take all of the classes they love without the funding we receive. Excel Academy has been a blessing to our family. Thank you Excel!” -Angela Box