girl with protective glasses on looking at a robot Feb. 26, 2018

15 Unique Vendors Helping Your Students Follow Their Passions Through Excel

From ceramics to coding to Chinese to chess, Excel students have nearly infinite curriculum and course options. Our personalized learning model gives students and families the opportunity to truly tailor their education to reflect their passions, goals, and interests across many different subjects.

With over 2,000 different vendors, we’re able to give your students the opportunity to specialize in the specific subject matters that spark their curiosity. For instance, if a student athlete is curious about sports science, they can search through our database of vendors, find a textbook on kinesthetics, and dig deeper into that subject matter. As long as they’re meeting state and grade level standards, the possibilities are endless. Here are a variety of unique vendors that are helping students find and follow their unique passions.


Science is a constantly evolving subject, and our vendors help your students keep up with the latest trends in the field. If your students are geared toward robotics, they can learn to program and play from home or in the classroom. If their interests are more organic than automatic, check out the various biology kits available from our science vendors.

We’re excited to offer these unique courses and materials, which can give your students the specialized skills and experience to help them pursue science in college and career.

  • LEGO becomes more than just a childhood toy when purchased in tandem with our curriculum. The brand has specialized robotics kits that teach students to build and code their own robots.
  • Barnabas Robotics is another vendor that sells kits and curriculum that focus on robotics hardware, coding, and programming.
  • Caustics Digital Academy offers creativity through technology with courses in digital animation, game design, and computer coding.
  • Students can get their hands dirty with Home Science Tools. The vendor sells dissection kits including earthworms, fetal pigs, sheep brains, and squid; they’ll ship everything your student would need for a dissection directly to your home.

Physical Education

Our model gives your students the chance to get creative with their physical education, allowing them to explore skating, self-defense, or climbing. Here are a few truly different ways students can break a sweat with the help of Excel vendors.

  • Students of all ages can learn self-defense through our Orange County vendor Beach Cities Krav Maga.
  • Firestorm Freerunning & Acrobatics teaches students parkour, aerial silks, and martial arts.
  • Skateboarding can be more than just a hobby. Intro 2 Skateboarding is a PE-approved class that helps students hone their skills with private and group lessons.
  • Students can get their PE credits while pushing their limits and climbing to new heights through Rock Fitness in Temecula.
  • US Blackbelt Academy teaches students discipline, while allowing them to express themselves through a variety of martial arts.

Social Studies

Younger students can benefit from creative social studies supplements that give them a new perspective on the world around them.

  • Little Passports is a subscription program that introduces students to a new country every month. Each Early Explorers kit comes with maps, stickers, activity sheets, and information about the featured country, giving them a fun way to learn about new places.

Language Arts

Our wide variety of courses mean your students can learn syntax and composition through the literature they genuinely enjoy and keeps them engaged. It also gives them the opportunity to branch out and sharpen their other communication skills.

  • Rebecca Starbeck teaches forensics (speech and debate) classes in Mission Viejo. Her classes equip students with the tools to develop and strengthen their public speaking skills.
  • The Writtenburg Door introduces high school aged students to “vibrant” and “wildly fun” literature and history courses through dynamic discussion, films, documentaries, and primary sources.


We have many art vendors who offer a broad range of engaging classes and curriculum to your students. This means students can explore any medium they find inspirational. Some of our vendors cater to creative students even further, adapting curriculum to be taught from an artist’s perspective.

  • Creative Creatures & Co. has specialized art history curriculum designed to help artists delve deeper into their preferred study area, such as animation or ceramics.
  • Music is a large part of the art world and Rock Stars of Tomorrow gives your students the chance to find their passion on stage as a part of a rock band.

Ample Aspirations

Because we partner with so many different vendors, your students have access to classes that aren’t typically available anywhere else.

  • Students can take classes at Urban Workshop to learn metalworking, woodworking, 3D printing, and other types of shop classes.
  • Academic Chess is a fun way for younger students to learn how to play chess. The class uses stories, songs, and even dance to teach critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity involved with the game.

At Excel Academy, our list of vendors keeps expanding, giving students even more opportunities to follow their passions. To learn more about the flexible learning at Excel Academy, click here.