i-Ready Benchmark Assessments – Computer Based Assessments

i-Ready Benchmark Assessments are administered in September and March

  • Grades 2 through 11 - tests are administered by the parent or the Teacher of Record
  • Grades K and 1 - paper/pencil benchmark assessments are administered by the Teacher of Record (Students in K and 1 can take the i-Ready assessments per parent request.)

The I-Ready benchmark assessment is an online adaptive diagnostic test that adjusts questions to suit individual student performance. This assessment serves to indicate mastery and identify learning needs in students in grades second through eleventh. The purpose is not to give students a score or grade, but instead to determine concepts students have mastered and where students need the most support.

This required assessment will be administered once a semester, each academic year: First, in September to provide the Teacher of Record and parents pertinent knowledge to assist with academic support and guidance, and again in March to determine growth and goals.

Teachers of Record will review the assessment results with individual families at an LP meeting. Additional support and resources including extension activities can be provided with the support of the TOR in order to help guide future instruction. The optional individualized instruction plan created through i-Ready is another great resource tool for parents and students.

Kindergarten and first grade students will be given a paper/pencil assessment that will be administered by the TOR during an LP meeting in place of the online i-Ready diagnostic.