We invite you to join Excel Academy in our Jumpstart Track A Program,!

Track A will begin on July 1st ,2019.

Students will receive $500 in funding to use on their curriculum, classes, materials, and extra curriculars.

~TK-8 - Must take at least Math, Language Arts, and P.E.

~9-12 - Must take 10 units (either one core class and one elective, or two elective courses). 

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*Note: If you are a current family with Excel but are adding a brand new student, you will click on both links.





How long does Track A run? We begin Track A on July 1st and will end August 21st.

When will registration close? The deadline to register any student in Track A (new or current) will be June 14, 2019.

What is required for registration? The online application will ask for the student’s general information, emergency contact numbers, as will request a copy of the following documents:

What happens after registration? Your student will be assigned to a Teacher of Record. They will help you place orders and ensure you have what you need for your student to succeed in Track A. They will have you sign a Master Agreement, which confirms the classes the student will take, as well as acknowledging the responsibilities of being enrolled our program.

How many funds will be available? All students will receive $500 in instructional funds

What subjects do students need to take? TK-8th graders need to take ELA, Math, and PE, and High School students will need to take 10 credits (2 classes).

What happens at a Learning Period meeting? The Teacher of Record will meet with you and your student to check in, review the body of work in each course, collect one work sample from each subject, and support you in any way you need. These meetings are usually around 45 minutes to an hour.

How many Learning Periods will there be? There will be two Learning Period (LP) meetings. Students/families must with the Teachers face-to-face for the first LP, and have the option of doing a virtual meeting for the second LP.

Can LP meetings be virtual? At least the first LP needs to be in person, with both parent and student.

Will my student need to withdraw from their current public school to enroll in Excel’s Track A program? No. Since public schools are on break during the summer, and will not be claiming attendance during that time, students can join Excel for the Track A without running into concurrent enrollment with their current school. Excel will not notify or request records from the student’s public school. However, please note that if your student is currently attending a school that has an admissions lottery or is impacted, enrollment in Track A could result in them not being allowed to return to their previous school. If you have concerns, please inquire with your current school. 

Can students withdraw early from Track A if their public school starts prior to 8/21? Yes, though all work must be completed by the time they exit.