Enroll With Excel Academy 

Please contact Excel Academy should you have any questions regarding the application process. You may speak with parent support directly at (949) 387-7822 or email your questions to parentsupport@excelacademy.education

***Please Note: Starting the enrollment process does not guarantee that you will be placed right away on an ES Roster. We encourage you to keep your child enrolled in their current school until you have official confirmation of an Education Specialist assignment.

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are now being accepted.

Enrollment Instructions:


Excel Academy is an independent study program. As such, a student enrolled in Excel Academy is exempt from the requirements of Senate Bill 277.

Please select the application option that corresponds to your county of residence. If you are unsure which county you currently live in, please utilize one of the county border maps below, or search for your city and zip code in google maps at: Google Maps