Physical Education/Athletics

Excel Academy is proud to offer a variety of ways for students to meet the physical education requirements for independent study. We have partnered with Stars and Stripes a nationally recognized scouting and player development program offering an “exclusive” way to improve Physical Education and athlete performance at the competitive level. Excel’s athletic coordinator, Andy Allanson, a current scout in the MLB comes with a decade of professional play in the MLB.  Andy has a passion for developing student athletes with over 40 years in athletic development with athletes ages 5-21.  Andy along with Stars and Stripes, has established methodologies and strategic partnerships to provide a clear and defined road map for athletes to advance and compete at the next level.

For student athletes looking to devote more time to athletic training, Andy is available to consult and develop a performance platform (PPN). This individualized data-driven program allows for customized developmental choices completed with a phone app.  A specialized PE program will be developed for each student athlete allowing them to learn from text, photos and videos about how to properly execute the training program.  Please contact Andy at 661-361-0844 or by email at to find out more information about the physical education classes below.