Provides Valuable Tools 

“I like having the iReady because it provides a pulse on how his learning is going outside from my own opinion as his main educator and allows me to see spots he and I can both improve upon immediately.“ - Jennifer B., Irvine, CA - homeschool mother of 1

Continued Support 

“We love Excel!  The monthly meetings with our fantastic educational specialist have given me the confidence to continue homeschooling.  I leave each meeting feeling supported and renewed in our homeschooling journey.  I highly recommend Excel!” - Penny L., Riverside, CA - homeschool mother of 2 

An "Excellent Education"

“My daughter is in the 5th grade and this is our first experience in the Home-School environment.  I had many reservations prior to removing her from the Public School System, but our Teacher of Record has paved the way to success for us above & beyond my expectations! Any questions I have are answered immediately by our TOR either by e-mail or phone call. I honestly feel my daughter is receiving the best education for her and our family, now that we have found Excel.  Thank you for everything that Excel Academy provides to our family!  I am now a true believer in the Home-School experience! Grateful for you!" - Colleen D., Whittier, CA - homeschool mother of 1

AMAZING Teacher of record!!

“After pulling my daughter out of 5th grade to homeschool her for the first time, I was terrified. Seriously thank goodness for Excel and my AMAZING Teacher of Record!! I don’t know what I would do without my TOR. Whenever I am questioning myself, or worry about what’s next, I am always reassured and given wonderful advice and grace. Excel in of itself has provided my daughter with fantastic opportunities through their approved vendors list. I am actually shocked to say that I am really enjoying homeschooling my daughter, thanks to Excel.” - Amy E., Irvine CA  -homeschool mother of 2

OPtions and Freedom 

“Excel Academy has been such a great alternative to traditional schooling for my family. We love the options and the freedom to do what works for our family. Yet at the same time, there is enough structure and accountability to help guide our family and keep us on track. I knew that I as the educator needed structure and guidance as well. My TOR has been the most valuable part of my experience with Excel. She has held my hand and encouraged me all the way. She is there to give me more materials and curriculum when I ask for more and yet really knows and listens to my heart for kids as well.  I can’t recommend Excel Academy highly enough. It is the personal experiences and availability that my TOR has been for our family that has really made our experience what it has been.” - Amber O., Mission Viejo, CA - homeschool mom of 2

amazing classes

“I can not say enough about Excel. I am so grateful to be apart of this charter school so that my children can utilize the funding for amazing classes. Every class/lesson that I want my child to partake in so far has been an approved vendor through the school. Because of this my children have been able to experience a wide variety of extracurricular activities. We also have been able to use our funding cover curriculums and materials. My Teacher of Record is extremely knowledgeable about all the different curriculums out there and has been able to always suggest the best fit for my kids. Working with Excel Charter school has been a huge blessing in our homeschool journey.” - Kimberley H., Mission Viejo, CA - homeschool mom of 3

helpful, friendly and reliable

“We are thankful for Excel and our fabulous Teacher of Record. She is extremely helpful, friendly and reliable. We love using our funds with Karen Baker who has taught all four of my kids how to play piano in such a creative, fun way. Our funds also pay for classes that support work being done at home such as Mad Dog Math, which reinforces their math facts. Excel provides many opportunities for my kids that they might not otherwise have.” - Katie S., Ladera Ranch, CA - homeschool mom of 3

tor has been Amazing

“We have really enjoyed our years with Excel Academy. Our TOR has been Amazing! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and very kind. There is a wide variety of vendors to choose from. My daughter has loved learning to sew and play piano. We are looking forward to future years with Excel Academy.” - Sam B., Aliso Viejo, CA - homeschool mom of 1

proper education and motivational techniques

“I just wanted to drop a note about our Excel Approved tutor, Helai Miller with Temecula Tutor. When we began with her last year, my student, Carli was a full grade behind in math. Because of Mrs. Miller’s patience, diligence and knowledge regarding proper education and motivational techniques, Carli is growing by leaps and bounds. By continuing with Temecula Tutor, I just know that by the beginning of the coming school year, Carli will be at grade level in math. Mrs. Miller is supportive, gracious, kind, firm and educated!” - Nicolette, Murrieta, CA - homeschool Mom of 2

Freedom to teach my children

"After being part of a private homeschool group for years, I was always worried if I was teaching my children enough. I had heard about charter schools, but didn’t think it was the thing for our family. I must say, I was a bit hesitant about joining Excel Academy because I didn’t want anyone dictating what I had to teach and which curriculum I needed to use. Now, I wish I had joined sooner! I love that I still have the freedom to teach my children using the curriculum that I want to use, and having the Grade Level Standards helps me keep in check as to what they need to be learning.

The educational funds has provided my children with the opportunity to try out activities that they hadn’t done before. Our weekly music lessons with Valerie Marich, tennis lesson with Ojakian Tennis, science classes with Mary Anne Cheraz at Mad Science, art classes, swim lessons, and more has exposed them to the “fun” part of academics, and has enriched their lives.

I found it essential that in order for this type of program to work for our family, my children, as well as myself, we had to be able to feel comfortable and communicate openly with our advisor. Our TOR, Jennifer Hughes, is such a pleasure to work with. She has made this year/this transition (to a charter school) quite easy and stress-free for us." - Jennifer, Pasadena, CA  - homeschool mom of 2